How to Stop Bitdefender From Deleting Files?

Bitdefenderis an antivirus after founding issue in particular file will delete the filemost of the time users do not want to delete some files as on scanning theywill found to be malicious. By adding the file or folder you don’t want todelete will be added to exception in Bitdefender antivirus and users havingadvanced knowledge can easily fix this issue.

If user wants to create a custom scan in Bitdefender antivirus and not able to do so read on How to configure a custom scan with Bitdefender antivirus. But to stop Bitdefender from deleting files you have to exclude the set of files or extensions or both must be added to the exception folder and the best methods is listed below to fix the issue after executing step by step all the methods.  

bitdefender virus removal

Steps to Stop Bitdefender Automatically Deleting Files:


Step1: OpenBitdefender Antivirus and click on settings button located at the uppertoolbar.

Step2: Nowin settings overview window choose antivirus and open antivirus settings.

Step3: Selectexclusion tab to verify that exclusion of file has been turned on by togglingswitch.

Step4: Now Press excluded file and folderslink and then hit add button.

Step5: Press Browse option and select folderto exclude and press ok button.

Step6: Press Add button followed by ok buttonclose window after saving changes.


Step1: Repeat step1 and step2 of method1 andselect exclusion tab.

Step2: Now select the list of extensions toexclude from the settings.

Step3: Now click on add button and select theextensions to be excluded.

Call Bitdefender Support Number 1-877-240-5577 to Fix Bitdefender Deleting Files Issues

For any further support the users are in need to contact Bitdefedner support by dialing toll free number +1-877-240-5577 to get instant help. To know the best methods to solve the problem you can read methods above listed in the blog by experts to fix Bitdefender problem by using right solution to the issue users are facing.

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