How to Repair Bitdefender 2018 on Your Computer?

Bitdefender antivirus, no doubt will give you complete protection but sometimes due to misconfiguration or system breakdown such internet security software get damaged or corrupt which can be restored with right Bitdefender repair tool. However, if you need urgent solution contact Bitdefender internet security support for immediate online help by experts.

However, if Bitdefender 2018 antivirus software is damaged or corrupted on your computer, it can be repaired manually with the right process to keep your system protected and avoid virus outbreaks. The best way to repair Bitdefender 2018 on your computer is described right here with round-the-clock online support to solve Bitdefender antivirus related various issues.

Repair Bitdefender 2018 on Your Computer

Steps to Repair Bitdefender 2018 on your computer:

Step1: Open your Bitdefender installed PC and press the Windows Key and the key together on your keyboard to open the “Run” window.

Step2: Now type appwiz.cpl in the command box that appears and hit the enter button.

Step3: Running the command box with this keyword will open Programs and Features in Control Panel on your computer system.

Step4: Now find here the Bitdefender antivirus product in the list, just right click on it and choose the Uninstall option.

Step5: Once you click on Uninstall option, a wizard will appear and Bitdefender system repair process will start. You can also reinstall this antivirus on your computer but if facing install issue then read here How to Fix Bitdefender Antivirus Installation Problem with few steps.

Step6: You need to wait here till the whole process complete and when finished just restart your computer normally and look for the window what it indicates.

Hope your problem with Bitdefender will be solved. If you still face any problem while using your computer or scanning with Bitdefender you can find the right troubleshooting tips for the common issues like How to Fix Bitdefender Not Responding Issue under our Blog. If you need quick solution for such issues call at Bitdefender Customer Support Phone Number to get assisted by highly skilled professionals and fix the Bitdefender antivirus problems.

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