How to Install Bitdefender VPN on Mac Computers

To secure your private data and your and secure your Wi-Fi connection you are using without using VPN will invite the hackers and attackers to attack and stole data. If you are using an older version of Bitdefender antivirus you need to update the antivirus with latest definitions.

If you are not able to fix error code 1009 you need to read the blog to Fix Bitdefender VPN Error Code 1009. But to install Bitdefender VPN on Mac read and follow guide to execute methods to install premium version of Bitdefender listed below in post.

Install Bitdefender VPN on Mac

Steps to Install Bitdefender VPN on Mac OS:


Step1: Open Bitdefender on your Mac and click on install button with auto pilot recommendation VPN.

Step2: If not installed use alternate method.

Step3: Press go button and select applications option.

Step4: Open Bitdefender folder and double click on Bitdefender VPN icon. 


Step1: Click Connect now button if already connected select location manually or set it to automatic.

Step2: Click on settings icon located at to right of VPN screen.

Step3: Open My account and check the IP address used here it must be different provided from host.

Step4: Check the version of VPN if it is free one Upgrade to premium in next method.


Step1: Click on Get Unlimited traffic located at the bottom of VPN.

Step2: Enter your key to upgrade or purchase premium version.

Step3: If your premium subscription is ended you will be degraded to free version automatically.

Call Bitdefender Support Number +1-877-240-5577 for How to Install Bitdefender VPN on Mac 

Best way to install Bitdefender VPN on your Mac is shown in the blog with step by step all the methods to install the VPN. After installing make sure you have a premium subscription for uninterrupted services if not able to do so call toll free Bitdefender antivirus support number to get instant solution to install Bitdefender VPN on Mac computer.

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