How to Fix Bitdefender Wallet Not Working In Firefox?

Wallet is an advance feature to protect your data from being hacked and being Bitdefender wallet introduce a feature to kept login ids and password to the computer safe from being hacked. You can use Bitdefender password manager to store the login to you financial accounts as well as to other accounts then you have to remember login to Bitdefender wallet password and Id of the Bitdefender account.

If you don’t have Bitdefender wallet account, you can generate the new one and to know how to do this you have to read our blog post How to Create a Wallet in Bitdefender 2019. While on the other hand if Bitdefender wallet is not working or you are unable to use Bitdefender wallet with Firefox you can read below mentioned steps and follow step by step instruction to make Bitdefender wallet password working.

BitDefender wallet not working

Steps to Fix Bitdefender Wallet Password Not Working:


Step1: OpenBitdefender and log in to your customer panel.

Step2: Checkfor latest update and download to install if found.

Step3: Checkon Updates for add-on and install found update.

Step4: OpenFirefox and click on help option located at the top bar in computer.

Step5: Nowfrom drop down click on about Firefox and in new tab it will automaticallycheck for updates.

Step6: Restartthe computer.


Step1: OpenFirefox and press control + shift + delete at the same time.

Step2: Inopened tab select everything and select all the options and press clear nowbutton.

Step3: Nowopen Mozilla and click on add-on for Bitdefender wallet.

Step4: Loginto panel of Bitdefender wallet and check if the issue is resolved.

Call Bitdefender Support Number +1-877-240-5577 for Wallet Not Working in Firefox

Best way to deal with Bitdefender wallet password not working is to reset all the applications and clear temporary data to make it working.You can also reinstall the software with latest updates or get support from certified technicians to solve the issue and contact Bitdefender support number call now +1-877-240-5577 to get instant assistance.

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