How to Fix Bitdefender VPN Error Code 1009?

When you are not able to use Bitdefender VPN and face an error code 1009, there may be any other VPN installed. You may also receive 1009 error code while using bitdefender VPN if the services are not allowed of VPN by firewall or there may be an IP conflict while connecting to internet and error 1009 in Bitdefender VPN will occurs.

If you are not able to update Bitdefender internet security you can read post sharing best methods to fix update error here how to fix Bitdefender internet security update error 1017. But if you are facing an issue with Bitdefender VPN 1009 you can follow below mentioned methods to fix Bitdefender vpn error code 1009.

Bitdefender VPN Error Code 1009

Steps to Fix Bitdefender VPN Error Code 1009:


Step1: Make sure Bitdefender VPN is connected to the internet.

Step2: If not connected to internet open Internet settings and make sure there is no IP conflict occurring.


Step1: Open firewall and in settings check whether the Bitdefender VPN is enabled in firewall.

Step2: If not enabled add Bitdefender VPN in exception to the firewall.

Step3: Restart the system to connect to internet with exception.


Step1: Uninstall complete Bitdefender with package from the system. 

Step2: Clear temporary files and cookies from the system.

Step3: Download latest version of VPN from bitdefender official site.

Step4: Right click on Bitdefender setup and run as in admin mode.

Step5: After installing restart the system and check that VPN is connected to internet.

Call @1-877-240-5577 to Fix Bitdefender VPN Error Code 1009

Best way to deal with Bitdefender VPN problem is too reinstall Bitdefender VPN to your system. After uninstalling make sure to clean temporary data and file from the system for the clean reinstall of the Bitdefender VPN. If not able to fix Bitdefender error code you can contact Bitdefender support phone number round the clock for the right solution by certified professionals.

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