How to Fix Bitdefender Update Error Code 1004?

When you are not able to maintain your system you usually receive an error code 1004 some critical files are not found or system is unstable. Fix the issue 1004 in Bitdefender to prevent your system from getting further damage.

If you are facing an error while upgrading Bitdefender internet security you can read our post How to Fix Bitdefender Internet Security Update Error 1017. You can follow our blog and follow step by step procedure mentioned below to fix Bitdefender update error 1004.

Bitdefender Fix ErrorSteps to Fix Bitdefender Update Error 1004:

METHOD1: Make sure you have correctly setup proxy settings in Antivirus panel that makes Antivirus to communicate with the internet also try to find these settings in your web browser.

METHOD2: Check whether your invalid DNS are correct or not due to previous malware infection.

Step1: Press windows and R simultaneously and type ncpa.cpl and hit enter.

Step2: Now right click on internet icon in networks.

Step3: Double click on TCP/IP in settings and correct all internet IP address, if unable to do so you can click on automatically detect IP address.

METHOD3: Manually fix error

Step1: Press windows + R and type control then hit enter.

Step2: Now open installed programs and locate Bitdefender in it.

Step3: Uninstall Bitdefender by right clicking on it.

Step4: After removal clear cookies and temporary data.

Step5: Now restart the system and install Antivirus again and check proxy setting for Antivirus.

Call Bitdefender Support Number 1-877-240-5577 to Fix Antivirus Error 1004

If after following complete procedure given above Bitdefender is not connected to internet and error 1004 is not fixed you can call an expert. To get connected with Bitdefender professionals you can contact Bitdefender support and get online help to fix the Antivirus problem. A team of certified tech experts is working here to fix Bitdefender endpoint security error 1004.

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