How to Fix Bitdefender Update Error 1011?

Main issue to cause this problem is offline status of update server and the port is not open used to update the software. It can be solved by either changing update server or by opening port to install and search for updates. Users can follow the blog to search for instructions to fix Bitdefender error codes .

If you are trying to download Antivirus and unable to do so or facing any error code while downloading the files. Generally Bitdefender software is available as a soft copy online to download it you have to search for compatibility software available online. Read our blog post: How to fix Bitdefender Antivirus Files Download failed issue. But follow below steps to fix Bitdefender update failed error 1011.

Bitdefender Update Error 1011

Steps to Fix Bitdefender Endpoint Security Update Error 1011:

Step1: Open command prompt in admin mode and enter command “Ping IP_updateserver 7074”.

Step2: Check whether the port is open for receiving updates or not.

Step3: If port is off enter command “telnet IP_updateserver 7074”.

Step4: Verify by running step1 that the port is open.

Step5: Edit and check update server manually.

Step6: Check whether update server is up and functioning without any problem if not check epupdateserver.exe is running.

Step7: Try to run epupdateserver.exe if it is up and running. Now, you can download updates without any error.

Call Bitdefender Support Number 1-877-240-5577 to Fix Antivirus Update Error 1011

If after following complete set of instructions given above you are not able to install update on Bitdefender you can call an expert. To get in touch with Bitdefender professionals you can contact Bitdefender customer support number and get help to fix the update problem online. Our team of trained and experienced technicians is working round the clock to resolve your issues online.

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