How to Fix Bitdefender Password Manager Not Working Issue?

Password manager is used to saving your logins and secure your personal & financial data from external attacks and harmful items residing in the computer. Bitdefender is a powerful tool and if it not works you may face trouble if you forget your passwords or the manager is not working may harm your security to personal details.

If you are trying to update Bitdefender and not able to download file to Know read here How to fix Bitdefender Antivirus Files Download failed issue. But if you want to know the best procedure to solve the problem you can read the post below and follow step by step whole methods to fix the not working or not responding issue.

Steps to Solve Bitdefender Password Manager Not Working:


Step1: Open Bitdefender Password Manager and open events overview.

Step2: Click on update button and install updates.

Step3: Restart the computer after complete update of password manager.

Step4: If above steps not working download Password manager upgrade tool from the official site.

Step5: Open downloader file and search for updates for the password manager.

Step6: Install the latest updates and restart the computer.


Step1: Open Bitdefender panel and navigate to password manager.

Step2: Press eye icon located at the left side of the bar and click on view features link.

Step3: In the wallet pane push button to switch on and off to off mode.

Step4: Switch on the push button and check if the password manager is opening in Bitdefender.


Step1: Open programs from the control panel and select Bitdefender and click on remove button.

Step2: Follow on-screen commands to remove completely.

Step3: Download the latest software from the official site and open to start installing.

Step4: To complete installation follow on-screen commands.

Call Bitdefender Support Number +1-877-240-5577 to Fix Password Manager Issues

If you are not able to open Bitdefender password manager after following steps listed above in blog you may need support. To get in touch with Bitdefender antivirus customer support number call now +1-877-240-5577 to get connected with certified professionals to get instant assistance online round the clock.

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