How To Fix Bitdefender Free Update Failed Error 2019?

When corrupted registry files are there or the internet is not set up according to the bit defender or the path of update location is not corrupt Bitdefender is not able to receive updates and user will face update error. User can simply try to perform some simple troubleshooting steps to fix the problem.

You can also check Bitdefender antivirus update error 3 by reading our post how to fix Bitdefender antivirus update error 3. Now user can find below mention methods to troubleshoot Bitdefender free update failed error in 2019 version of Bitdefender antivirus or Internet security.

fix bitdefender error

Steps To Fix Bitdefender Free Update Failed Error 2019:


Step1: Press windows button with R button.

Step2: Now in run you can type cmd.exe and press enter.

Step3: Now type sfc/scannow in command prompt and to run press enter.

Step4: Above executed command will scan system for errors and fix them.


Step1: Repeat step1 and 2 of method1.

Step2: Type %temp% and press enter and delete all the files in it.

Step3: Type prefetch and press enter and delete the entire file found in it.

Step4: Type Recent and hit enter to free memory space delete all the files in recent folders.


Step1: Open the following directory path GFI MailEssentials installation path.

Step2: Now delete files listed below.

  • txt
  • txt.checked
  • txt.tmp

Step3: Perform step1 and 2 in method1.

Step4: Type services.msc and press enter now restart GFI all services.

Step5: Double click mail essentials configuration now click on dropdown and select email security followed by virus scanning engine and select Bitdefender then click on updates.

Step6: Now select download update and select apply option to start updating Bitdefender antivirus.

To Fix Bitdefender Update Failed Error Call Bitdefender Support Number at 1-877-240-5577

If after executing step by step all given methods above in blog update failed error in Bitdefender Is not resolved you can call an expert. User can call to get in touch with Bitdefender certified professionals you can contact Bitdefender customer support number and to fix the update problem in Bitdefender.Certified team is working to help online here round the clock to solve update error by taking remote sessions.

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