How to Fix Bitdefender Error Code 2002?

Bitdefender users enjoy the best level of round the clock security but when you try to update Bitdefender antivirus and you face an error 2002, but no need to worry follow simple methods to fix Bitdefender update failed error. It can be due to two main reasons either when you are trying to update antivirus in proxy mode, or the address seeking for update is not correct.

You can also check our last post based on update problem with Bitdefender internet security. For that error you can use easiest method try to clean uninstall and after that clean install with latest update. You may read steps here: How to upgrade Bitdefender internet security. But in this post you will learn how to fix bit defender Error code 2002 follow steps mentioned below.

fix bitdefender error

Steps to Fix Bitdefender Update Failed Error 2002:

Step1: Open Bitdefender and click on settings button.

Step2: Now click update tab.

Step3: Set default update location. If you are using proxy then click on advanced tab select proxy usage to on, now click on manage proxies we have two options now.

  1. You can use import proxy settings from browser.
  2. Or you can custom enter your username, password, web address, and port address Bitdefender use to connect.
  3. Hit ok button and try to update antivirus.

Step4: Click on Bitdefender view modules select adapters tab.

Step5: Select network type to home/office, select stealth mode to off and select generic mode to on.

Call Bitdefender Support Number 1-877-232-0717 to fix Bitdefender Error 2002

If after performing all the steps given above you are not able to fix Bitdefender antivirus error 2002 you can contact an expert. To get in touch with Bitdefender professionals you can contact Bitdefender support number and get online support to troubleshoot Bitdefender problem. Certified team of professional experts is working here to fix the Bitdefender problems with desired solution.

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