How to Fix Bitdefender Antivirus Installation Problem?

Software installation error is a very common among PC users across the world. Likewise, if you are trying to install Bitdefender on system and installation is failed or showing fatal error during the process, you need to review the whole process and install it with the right approach.

Actually, there are unlimited reasons can interrupt your installation process, and most of them can be avoided if right procedure is followed. However, despite of all these precautions if you still face a problem then read below few tips for how to fix Bitdefender installation has failed.

Bitdefender Install, Reinstall, uninstall

Equipped your PC with minimum requirements

To install and run Bitdefender in your system, it should be configured with minimum hardware components like 2 GB RAM backed with 1.6 GHz processer running on 32-bit windows OS. For windows Vista, XP and 7 make sure service pack is also installed to allow smooth installation. For windows 8 and 10 you don’t need to install service pack but should be up-to-date.

Don’t Forget to Install Full Installation Kit

Most of the new users do this mistake, they download only single pack, and installation failed error occurs. You need to download full installation kits of Bitdefender Antivirus to complete the installation process on any system. If you not find this kit or need help you can get Bitdefender install support offered by certified technicians to troubleshoot such issues remotely.

Bitdefender Virus Removal

Use Bitdefender Uninstall Tool to remove other software

If you have installed any other security software in your PC or already using lower version of Bitdefender security, make sure remove that completely from the system. To remove such files permanently use a Bitdefender dedicated uninstall tool for secure and effective uninstallation. Bitdefender uninstall support is also available to remove such software from PC remotely.

Reinstall Bitdefender through Administrator

Sometimes installing Bitdefender through secondary user in your PC creates a problem, at this moment you should run the application as an administrator, because before the installation or removal of such software an authorization through administrator is necessary. Despite all these attempts, if installation failed, then immediately contact Bitdefender support number to get online help by antivirus experts to look after the issue professionally.

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