How to fix Bitdefender Antivirus Files Download failed issue?

Bitdefender internet security software is available with soft copy via online download of setup as per the compatibility of the computer systems. You also tried but downloading is failed due to some specific reason which you don’t know. But here you will get to know how to fix "Downloading one of the installation files failed" issue with Bitdefender internet security.

bitdefender installation error fix

Check Your Internet Connection

This one of the biggest reason for downloading failed error. If your computer is not properly connected with strong internet connection you will face problem while downloading or uploading such files. Hence, make sure your PC is well-connected with internet and working fine while web browsing or download files or other types of data on your computer system.

Turn-off Software Stopping Bitdefender to connect with internet

Sometimes software of other inbuilt applications like windows defender or firewall prevents Bitdefender antivirus to download such files into your computer. Disable such apps temporarily to allow a free access to internet while downloading files for Bitdefender security. You still face the same situation once contact with Bitdefender internet security support for online help.

Run Disc Clean-up to make available sufficient space

When you download Bitdefender antivirus files your PC need enough space that might be not sufficient at that time, then you need to clean-up the disk to free up some space in hard drive. You just need to delete temp files, system temporary files, caches memory and junk folders from your computer. Making adequate space will allow trouble-free downloading of files.

Download & Setup

Unblock the Kit of Bitdefender Installation         

To complete this action you need to right click on Bitdefender installation kit and choose properties. Here you will find “Unblock” button at the bottom right side corner you just need to click this button and press OK to apply the changes. Now after going through this Bitdefender installation of files can be again tried and if the problem still persists, then there one option left with you, that is call at Bitdefender antivirus support phone number for online help to check the issues professionally by antivirus technician and fix the problem with right solution.

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