How to Create a Wallet in Bitdefender 2019?

It is impossible to remember several passwords so the wallet is used to save different accounts information containing bank accounts and several paying accounts. Bitdefender password manager can save log in details to a numerous amounts of wallet and keep your data secure plus passwords will be saved.

If you are unable to login to your Bitdefender password managers account you can read How to Fix Bitdefender Password Manager Not Working Issue. But if you want to create Bitdefender wallet account the follow the step by step instruction listed below in the blog to create a new wallet in Bitdefender 2019 to secure you data and personal information contains financial logins of bank accounts and wallets.

Create a Wallet in Bitdefender

Steps to Create Bitdefender Wallet on your Computer:

Step1: Press privacy icon located at the left side of the Bitdefender interface.

Step2: Now press create new wallet button located in password manager tab.

Step3: In wallet label enter a unique name you want to use for your wallet account.

Step4: Now create master password for your wallet use alpha numeric combination.

Step5: Reenter your master password for your wallet account.

Step6: Create a hint for master password so that you can recover it by using hint.

Step7: Click on continue and in next step you can choose to save login to your cloud account press yes if not want to save press no button.

Step8: Click on continue and select the browser from which you want to import credentials.

Step9: Press finish button and use Bitdefender wallet.

Call Bitdefender Support Number +1-877-240-5577 to Create a Wallet in Bitdefender 2019

If after following 9 steps you are not able to create new account for Bitdefender wallet you are facing errors in Bitdefender. To resolve the errors you can contact Bitdefender customer support number round the clock and get in touch with certified professionals to get instant help online.

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