How to Change Firewall Settings in Bitdefender 2018?

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Change Firewall Settings in Bitdefender 2018

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Instructions to Settle How to Change Bitdefender Firewall Rules:

Step 1: Initially, the users are required to hit on the protection icon of the Bitdefender interface.

Step 2: After this, make a click over the VIEW FEATURES option.

Step 3: And then choose the Settings icon of the FIREWALL module and select the Rules tab.

Step 4: Now, to add an application rule need to hit over the ADD RULE button and then a new window will appear and from there need to choose if the rule will apply to all applications or not by clicking on the switch situated in the upper section of the window and then hit over the Browse and select the .exe file of the application.

Step 5: After this, need to select one of the available permissions as Allow, Deny or select the Network Type the rule will apply to.

Step 6: The next method will be to select the IP Protocol the rule will apply to.

Step 7: At the end, need to select the traffic direction the rule will apply to as Outbound, Inbound and Both.

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