How to Install Bitdefender TrafficLight on Mac?

Bitdefender TrafficLight helps you to protect your web browsing activities by blocking malicious contents and filtering the web traffic to browse the internet with safety. To enjoy the benefit of Bitdefender TrafficLight you have to exclusively install this application on your system. Though, the installation process is quite different for Safari, Chrome and Mozilla browser, so the installation process for each browser is given below:

Steps to Download Bitdefender TrafficLight on Mac:

Step1: Open the main Bitdefender window and click on Fix Now under Web Protection.

Step2: Click on Get Extension under the browser(s) that appear in the new window (Safari, Chrome, Firefox).

Step3: You will be redirected to the Bitdefender TrafficLight page and click on Free Download.

Step4: You will be redirected to the browser extensions gallery and you can install (add) TrafficLight.

Steps to Install TrafficLight on Mac:

 Install Bitdefender TrafficLight on Mac

Steps to Bitdefender Trafficlight Safari:

Step1: Open Safari and copy the link below in the Safari address bar and press Enter (Return):

Step2: A file named TrafficLight.safariextz will be downloaded on your system, find the setup under Downloads folder on your computer.

Step3: Now run TrafficLight.safariextz and choose Install from Gallery when prompted.

Steps to install Bitdefender Trafficlight Chrome:

Step1: Open Chrome and click on Chrome from the menu bar and select About Chrome to check if there are any available updates. Update with latest version or it will say that it is up to date.

Step2: Now copy the link below in the address bar and press Enter (Return):

Step3: Now click on Add to Chrome and then on Add extension.

Step4: Here you will find the TrafficLight sign next to the address bar.

Steps to Bitdefender Trafficlight Mozilla Firefox:

Step1:  Open Firefox and click on Firefox from the menu bar and select About Firefox. If it is not up to date update with the latest version does it or it will be automatically updated.

Step2: Now copy this link in the address bar and press enter to download the setup.

Step3: Click on Add to Firefox and then on Install to start the installation process.

Step4: Now, restart Firefox; you will see the TrafficLight sign next to the address bar.

With these useful steps you can install Bitdefender TrafficLight on Mac and enjoy a safe browsing. This extension will protect you against malicious and phishing websites when browsing the internet to keep your computer safe from cyber threats. However, during the download or installation process if face any problem or encountered with unknown errors you can call at Bitdefender contact support phone number and get online help by experts.


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